The are no explanations needed. These days everybody knows what a "YEEZY" looks like. It seems like the shoe has become a status more than ever before. If you do not have a Yeezy, you are not as special as the ones, who got a pair. Is that the idea of the sneaker culture?

Do you remember that one promise, Kanye gave us, when he revealed, that he was going to collaborate with adidas? Do you remember, how he told the world, that Yeezys will be available for everybody in near future. Well, time passed. And so did several releases of the iconic shoe. But wait. How is it possible, that the shoe is one of the most famous valuable items on the resell market? How is it possible, that it seems like there is no chance to get a pair, even if you want it so bad. Let us just say, that the marketing behind the Yeezy really messed up the "sneaker game". Do not get me wrong! I still think that the shoe looks great and that Kanye created something revolutionary with this shoe, but the whole thing, that came with the hype, is just crazy in a sort of bad way. Even kids in the age of 11 think, that the most "fly" sneaker to wear, is the Yeezy for more than 400 Dollars or Euros. And that is sad ...
But it would not be a real sneaker blog article without any information about the upcoming release. The new Yeezy Boost 350 V2 "Blue Tint" is going to drop on the 16th of December. And it is not a secret anymore, that there will be an online release at adidas's own website and several in-store releases at adidas Consortium retailers. So as always ... good luck!

Source: ADIDAS


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