So it is time to go back in time! Do you all remember the Nike "Jewel-Swoosh" from 1997? Yes, it was just an Air Force thing back then. But now the little detail celebrates its return. So to celebrate in the right way, iit finds its place on the new Nike Air Max 1 Premium SC. There isn't that much to tell you about the shoe. It's just a simple Air Max 1 with the tiny detail, that it features one of the most iconic Nike details. And don't worry! For all those of you, who fell in love with the "normal sized" swoosh, Nike put a huge swoosh on the sole.
If you are interested in either getting the red or the black Jewel Swoosh, you have to visit or 43einhalb on the 16th of June. The shoe will be available online and instore. But it will also be highly wanted by OG sneakerheads. So be fast. 

 Source: 43einhalb


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