What a shoe, right? When adidas announced the new adidas EQT Support 93/17 silhouette back in 2016, nobody could imagine that the shoe will achieve that much of a hype. The first release was colored in black, pink in white. So you might want to know the differences between the older drop and the one, which is coming. The only difference is the main color. This time, the main color of the shoe is white and not black like on its brother. The shoe you can see in this article is not the only one, which is set to drop. There are several other EQT silhouettes, which are going to release too. But this one is the most famous one. That might has something to do with the adidas Boost sole.
 If you want to try to get a pair of these on the 23rd of March, you have to know, that the hype on this shoe is real. So it will not be that easy to buy a pair. But if you still want to try, you should visit every online-store of adidas Consortium retailers. If you are in Europe, you should have a look at 43einhalb. The shoe will also release at the adidas website, but as usual, they did not announce the exact time of the release.

Source: 43einhalb


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