New month, new Yeezy. This time it will be the YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 "black", which will rob every sneakerheads sleep. And it does that not only because it is a Yeezy, but because of its updated silhouette. But is "updated" even the right term to describe the shoe? It kind of looks like a "pirate-black", doesn't it? Well it is kind of looking like one of the previous Yeezys because of the pull tab on its back. But it gives the V2 a great look. So Kanye did his job again. He created something (kind of) new by having a look at older trends, which even were created by himself. By the way, this time the "infants" of the shoe drop at the same time.

If you are now interested in getting a pair of these, you should go and visit online sneaker-stores frequently. Also make sure to enter as many raffles as possible, if you really want a pair. But if you just want to try it once on February 11th, you should have a look at So as usual, good luck everybody!

Source: adidas


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