So it's been a while since anybody heard something about the "self-lacing" Nike Air Mag. The last time the shoe got a lot of hype and attention was when Mike Fox presented it on Jimmy Kimmel back in 2015. But now something really exciting happened. Nike tweeted that another 89 pairs of the iconic "Back To The Future" sneaker will release. And this time with the "self-lacing"-system.

If you are now asking yourself how you can get a pair, we have to disappoint you. Nike built up a raffle, which you can enter by paying 10 dollars. The brand wants to purchase the incoming money to parkinson organizations. But if you still want to get a little chance to get a pair and if you want to donate money for a good reason you can enter the raffle by using the Nike+ App. The raffle is ending on October 11 and the winners will be announced on October 17.

Source: NIKE


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