Mr. Fieg did it again. After a nice start in 2016 Ronnie Fieg does not lay down and relax at all. All he does is work and create. This time he worked on a new project in collaboration with Asics. Back in 1992 the sports brand came up with the GT COOL EXPRESS silhouette, which was the first Asics model with a visible gel pad. But after several years of success the shoe lost its role in sneaker culture. So now it was time for Ronnie Fieg to do what he does best. He had to bring the shoes role back. He tries that with an off-white/sky-blue colourway with a salmon accent. And as usual he used premium materials like pigskin suede and nubuck. The shoe also does not only come with one pair of laces. It comes with three different laces, so everybody should find the right ones. 

The release is going to be like every Ronnie Fieg / KithNYC release in the past. The shoe is going to drop on March 4th and it will be available instore at KithNYC and online. And after that release it will take some days or weeks to release the shoe all over the world. 



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