So it is the third month of the official "adidas Consortium world tour" and now it was time for our german mates from Solebox to collaborate. And once again Hikmet Sugoer proofed, that he is one of the most talented guys when it comes to design. He had to work on the UltraBOOST silhouette, which is one of the most popular adidas silhouettes right now. He decided to create an uncaged version with many details and high quality. The complete shoe is kept in different grey tones, while the sole is kept in red to bring in some contrast. But these two facts about the shoe are not even the most important ones. This UltraBOOST consists of different materials like german cotton and suede. It also has the Solebox logo on the outside. So all over a shoe for everyone, who is living in a city. Well! This is what Team-Solebox says on their blog. 

If you want to get a pair of these you should wait until its worldwide release, which is on March 26th. There are not that many chances to get a pair on March 12th, when the shoe celebrates its Solebox release. So check out your local adidas Consortium retail store, if you are interested in this masterpiece.



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