What a night! There is nothing less to say. Yesterday afternoon the most famous rapper in the entire world Mr. Kanye West presented his new clothing collection named YEEZY SEASON 3. Back in late spring 2015 there was the first show, which presented the first clothing line by Kanye West but this one was in collaboration with adidas Originals. It took a while till October when it finally hit the stores all around the world. But before that Mr. West came up with another presentation of his second clothing collection named YEEZY SEASON 2, which is still not available in stores. 

So now it was time to do something different. Everybody knew the way his first two "seasons" got presented and Kanye West would not be Kanye West if he would not come up with something, that was never seen before. So he decided to change the location. He wanted to present his new clothes in the Madison Square Garden NYC. And so he did. But that was not enough for him. He also worked on a new studio album, which is named "The Life Of Pablo". So everybody got excited about that too. And because of his knowledge of how to surprise people, Mr. West did not just present his upcoming YEEZY SEASON 3 last night. But he did also present his new album. And that wasn't enough either. To make sure, that everybody, who wanted to see the shoe is getting the chance to see it, he came up with a livestream, which was shown on the internet and in several cinemas all around the globe.After a quite dark and a very beige looking collection it was time for Kanye West to come up with some colors. So there are many red, orange, blue, green and yellow tones in his upcoming  season. 

He did also work on new trousers. He worked on different patterns and some cushions as you can see on the picture below. 

Of corse a YEEZY SEASON would not be a YEEZY SEASON without new shoes and new sneakers. 
And it is important to know, that the whole clothing line is not a collaboration with adidas anymore. Only the shoes and sneakers are. And there is a bunch of never seen sneakers, which were shown in his show. First of all there is a new YEEZY BOOST 350 without the pull tab and without without the leather label on its inside. Besides these two things it has a completely new pattern. And the most significant update on the shoe is a colorful stripe on the side of the shoe. But that stripe is not printed on every model of the 350's. 

Another update is the YEEZY BOOST 1050, which first looks like the 950 DUCKBOOT but if you have a closer look you can clearly see many differences. And the most significant one is the size. The 1050s are a little bit bigger. And of course this one is coming in new colorways too.

Last but not least there is a completely new silhouette. The YEEZY BOOST 550 which was worn by Kanye West himself during the show. The shoe kind of looks like the 750 when you see it first. But it has a different sole and a different. Kanye West was wearing it in a grey/beige looking colorway.

So to summarize YEEZY SEASON 3 there are only a few things to say. Kanye West never sleeps. He is always coming up with new brilliant ideas and good looking clothing. The line is going to drop in autumn 2016, which means that there will be a huge hype at the end of this year. And the most interesting thing about Kanye Wests new clothing line is that he said that the whole season is going to be a little bit cheaper, so everybody has the chance to buy YEEZY SEASON 3.

Source: Hypebeast


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