Sure, this is a retro running sneaker as you may see but there are some differences between these and the original Gel Kayano. Toshikazu Kayano, the man who introduced the Gel Kayano back in the 90's, said they were a turning point in his life. So the Gel Kayano Evo, is like the whole Asics Evo series a design update for the shoe. Minimalism everywhere, mesh upper without stitching, neoprene sockliner like on the Gel Lyte V and a gum strap on its back. A tonal and futuristic sneaker.
''In 1993 with the Gel Kayano it all started..'' - Asics

The biggest reason why I picked these is, because there are so minimalistic and you can wear them to every outfit. Although they are perfect for the summer too. Very comfortable, especially the sockliner   and classic. I recommend going with your normal size on these. Check your local sneaker store if you want to pick a pair, they are on sale mostly everywhere.

Shoe by Markus.


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