What a release last weekend. The latest project of the  fashion brand Wood Wood and adidas just celebrated its first drop at Wood Wood only. But this week it is time for the Ultra Boost to release in general. But what is the story behind the two shoes? Wood Wood went back in history and took a look at Albert Einsteins' theory of general relativity. So the shoes got inspired by astrophysics. That's why the shoes are kept in black in white. Only the white model has blue and orange details. The main thing about these two Ultra Boosts is that they got modified. 

The black one has a different cage and a different lacing. While the white one hasn't got a cage or laces at all. It comes with a strap, which has a black pattern on it. The only thing that Wood Wood took from the original Ultra Boost is the primeknit upper in addition to the famous Boost sole. So after previous Ultra Boost collaborations this one is changing the concept of the silhouette in a whole different way.
The shoes are set to release on February 27 at adidas Consortium retailers only. It is also very limited, so it is going to get really difficult to get a pair of these.

Source: Wood Wood


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