Remember this huge REEBOK X KENDRICK LAMAR surprise back in 2015? Now it is time to give the collaboration a second run. Yes, you read right. The REEBOK CLASSIC LEATHER X KENDRICK LAMAR is coming out on January 16th. The story behind the shoe stays the same. Mr. Lamar wants to represent his hometown Compton, where two gangs fight against each other for years now. The "Bloods" and the "Crips". Significant colors of these are red and blue. So the shoe has it's own, massive message. Unity. 

Both "Bloods" and "Crips" come together on this shoe, which is made out of high quality leather, which is colored grey, and the known gum sole. So if you want to grab a pair of these, you should check out your local store for a little stock, because this shoe is super limited. But there is a little hope. You can get the shoe online for a few minutes. These are the only chances.

SOURCE: 43einhalb


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