We made it to 2016 and last year, 2015 was full with good sneaker releases. Many brands brought us special releases, Asics with their 25th Anniversary, Adidas with the Boost Technology and the shoes with Kanye West, Reebok also with the 25th Anniversary of the Reebok Ventilator, Nike with smasher Jordans and good NikeLab releases and a lot more.
So we from LCVTH thought it would be nice to see whats the peoples opinion out there, so we asked some sneakerheads from all around the world and some friends about their top 3 sneaker of 2015. Also both of us Luca and Markus bringing you our top 3.

Markus Eker (Co Author)
1. Asics x Ronnie Fieg - Gel Lyte III 25th Anniversary ''Homage''
This shoe is my number one because I'm a big fan of Ronnie Fieg and his designs in general, but there is no doubt that the Gel Lyte III colorways are especially his best work. So 13 of his best colorways in one shoe?! crazy good. Poorly I was unable to get a pair but maybe in the future..

2. Adidas Originals x Kanye West - Yeezy Boost 350
I was not the biggest fan of Kanye's work with Nike, so for me it was very pleasant that he moved to Adidas. My top 2 shoe of the year because I wore these a lot and for me it's an innovative and creative design, a completely new silhouette with Boost technology, can't get any better then that if you ask me. my favorite colorways are the Turtle Dove and the Oxford Tan.

3. Nike Air Jordan 1 OG
Number three and no special colorway, is for me generally the remastered Air Jordan 1. OG colorways like the Chicago were on of the best releases this year, but new colorways like the Shattered Backboard or the Cyber Mondays are also pretty good, especially the super smooth leather. One of the last Posts was about the Cyber Mondays if you want to check it out.

Next up is Luca Väth, founder of LCVTH.
1. Asics x Afew - Gel Lyte III 25th Anniversary ''Koi''
For me the best shoe of the year because everything is on point. A great story and one of the best colorways I have ever seen on a shoe. And of course it's an honor for us, that the collab was a german one. *represent*

2. Adidas Originals x Kanye West - Yeezy Boost 750 ''Ibrown''
Number two because this shoe was a huge update for the sneaker culture and in the high fashion way. Kanye West did definitely bring high fashion sneakers on a whole new level.

3. Adidas Originals Ultra Boost - Key City Pack (Black)
A shoe which showed me what comfortable really is, never worn a shoe that is so comfortable. If you have not already picked you a pair, you should definitely do!

Next up is a Youtuber, who makes fashion, and sneakers videos sometimes. Great videos and a good guy generally, Avery Ginsberg (his Youtube channel: GearedTowardGear
He also made videos about two shoes of his top 3.

1. Adidas Originals x Kanye West - Yeezy Boost 750 ''Ibrown''
Also my top 1 because it's a shoe that takes inspiration from a lot of others yet is completely unique to anything on the market, and it's still crazy wearable. 

2. Adidas x Palace Pro - Primeknit models, White/Red and Pumpkin

3. Y3 Sasa High Re-Issue - Triple Black
I have had my eyes on the Qasa's since they leaked at the beginning of 2014 (maybe late 2013? since there were 2 releases). The first time I saw them I thought ninja. It's awesome. Something straight out of Mirror's Ede. Moreover, it kind of sucks that they have come a trend but..That minimal murderous street look will never get old to me. 

Now the top 3 of our german friend Till Jagla, who is Category Director at Adidas AG in the beautiful Herzogenaurach in Germany. He got a huge fan base on Instagram and always got the sickest shoes and samples. Definitely check out his Instagram: EARTOTHESTREET. The Pictures are also made by Till.

1. Adidas NMD Runner

2. Adidas Originals Ultra Boost - Key City Pack (White)

3. Adidas MiAdidas Originals Adilette - Your Call

Janosch Sartorius is working at our local sneaker store Asphaltgold. Also got a fire collection on sneaker and good outfits, always. Check his Instgram: janoschfabian

1. Adidas Originals x Kanye West - Yeezy Boost 750 ''Ibrown''

2. Nike Air Force 1 Mid ''Flax'' (Even these released last year and we saw the Mid Wheat version this year)

3. Adidas Originals Ultra Boost - Key City Pack (White)

Eric Reinheart is a german Sneakerhead with a sweet collection. His top 3 consists of one of the best releases of 2015 for us too. We took some images that he made and put it in. Instagram: ericreinheart

1. Asics x Packers Shoes - Gel Lyte III 25th Anniversary ''Dirty Buck''

2. Asics x Overkill - Gel Sight ''Desert Rose''

3. Saucony x Epitome - Shadow 5000 ''Righteous One''

Next up and finally a women, Rebecca is a sneakerhead/girl from Berlin. Usually with the hottest shoes, all the time. Small feet doesn't means bad shoes. Give her a follow too: rebecca_kreuzberg

1. Adidas Originals x Kanye West - Yeezy Boost 350

2. Asics x Overkill - Gel Sight ''Desert Rose''

3. Asics x Afew - Gel Lyte III 25th Anniversary ''Koi''


Claude Renard doesn't only live the sneakerhead life, he also takes photos of the nature and got a lot of fans out there. When it comes to photography, then he is the right guy. Check out his account! needle horse

1. Nike Free Huarache Carnivore White

2. Nike Air Presto Tech Fleece Grey

3. Asics x Highs and Lows - GeL Lyte V ''Medic''

Sneakyjeffn is a Belgium based sneaker addicted guy. Got a lot of Air Max 1 heat from the past years, check his account: sneakyjeffn

1. Asics x Afew - Gel Lyte III 25th Anniversary ''Koi'' 

2. Asics x Footpatrol - Gel Lyte III 25th Anniversary ''Squad''

3. Nike Air Jordan Eclipse
These generally, a lot of nice colorways this year.

Next is David Wong, better known as Schlitzboi from Berlin. Working at Solebox Berlin, which is probably familiar with you. The most people call him a hypebeast, and maybe thats true if you look at his top 3 or his Instagram account *Smile*. Anyway, great guy! schlitzboi

1. Adidas Originals x Kanye West - Yeezy Boost 350 ''Moonrock''

2. Nike x Fragment Design - Sock Dart SP ''Oreo''

3. Adidas Originals x Kanye West - Yeezy Boost 350 ''Pirate Black''

Enough with the sneaker community, coming now the opinion of our friends.

Nico is a friend from our hometown. His top 3 features 2 shoes, you haven't seen in the past top 3 rankings. His Instagram: thizisnico

1. Adidas Originals x Kanye West - Yeezy Boost 750

2. New Balance x Premier - 998 

3. Asics x Concepts - Gel Lyte V ''8 Ball''

Phillip is the guy which was featured in the last latest pickup post.
He is mostly a Jordanhead and focused his eyes on Jordan releases, but a runner made it into his top 3.

1. Nike x Just Don - Air Jordan II

 2. Nike x Public School New York - Jordan XII

3. Asics x Footpatrol - Gel Lyte III 25th Anniversary ''Squad''

Because the most of our friends have a similar opinion, here some shoes that been mentioned by some and haven't been in any top 3 yet. Thanks to Lenny Deichert, Orkun Mehmed, Onur Mehmed and Nico Reitz. 

Asics x Titolo - Gel Lyte III 25th Anniversary ''Papercut''
Very underrated under the 12 releases in our opinion.

KangaROOS x 43einhalb - Coil-R2 ''Ovis''
Representing the state, Hessen where we are from. Clean colorway with super dope materials and made in Germany. 

Asics x J. Crew - Gel Lyte III ''Ribbon Blue''
Poorly there wasn't a worldwide release and they were J. Crew exclusive. Very good pair!

Adidas Originals x Kanye West - Yeezy Boost 350 ''Pirate Black''
The second drop of the 350's, in all black. These were a huge success for Adidas.

Nike Air Force 1 ''Miami Vice''
Only dropped in Miami in December 2015, so were pretty though to get. Especially to Europe.

Asics x Hanon - Gel Lyte III 25h Anniversary ''Solstice''
One of the most hyped of the 12 pairs that have been released in 2015. Resell prices are hilarious. 

And lost but not least the
Adidas Originals x Kanye West - Yeezy Boost 750 ''Core Black''


Thank you for reading, we hoped you liked it. A ton of good sneaker releases of 2015 and we want to thank everyone who shared their opinion and some pictures with us. 2016 is running in fully effect, let's see what the brands got for us this year!



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