2016. The year of adidas. Starting off with a very special collaboration with Sneakersnstuff. The created the "Tee Time Pack", which is not inspired by tee, but by golf. The pack includes two silhouettes. The EQT and the ULTRA BOOST. The white/black EQT is made out of typical high quality golf leather with a nice pattern. The inline of the shoe is kept in leather brown so the shoe looks like a typical golfing shoe. 

The ULTRA BOOST is a little bit different. It is also kept in white and black and it also has a special pattern, but it has a way more sporty look. It also has a little "SNS" imprint on it's back, which is also printed on the EQT. To get a pair of these you have to visit the Sneakersnstuff online-store in which they are going to release on January 22nd. So all in all it is a super solid concept, which got realized in a great way.

Source: SNS


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