It has been a weekend with lots and lots of sneakers. From Saturday (10.10.15) till Sunday (11.10.15) many sneakerheads and bloggers visited the SNEAKERNESS COLOGNE. It’s the biggest sneaker event of the year in Germany. Many different labels and shops represented their name and of course there were resellers. The awesome thing about SNEAKERNESS is the way of how to make deals. Often there aren’t any fixed prices for shoes. So you can make a deal with the reseller you want to buy from.

Another great thing is that you get the chance to buy shoes, which are not available online or in shops anymore. So if you did not get the YEEZY for example, you get the chance at SNEAKERNESS. Of course there are not only shoes to buy. There are artists like ACHILDCOLOR , who paint your shoe. Or sock brands like STANCE or FALKE. And if you get hungry, there are great burgers waiting for you. So SNEAKERNESS has everything a sneakerheads heart wants and needs.

For many bloggers in the sneaker-category it is one of the most important events of the year, because they get the chance to talk to resellers, shop owners, brands and photographers in one place. For brands like PUMA, which released their latest shoe the PUMA x SNEAKERFREAKER-Blaze Of Glory ''Bloodbath'' from the event is a good chance to push the prices and the hype of their shoe. 

So all in all SNEAKERNESS is the most awesome event for sneakerheads, bloggers, shop owners and resellers, they can be at. The one in Cologne this year was an absolutely success.


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