I am flying to Spain since I'm a little child. I visited many places in this country and each of this places is different. There are the very long and nice beaches, which are awesome, if you just want to relax and spend a day “with the sea”. But there is much more Spain has to offer. The cities for example. A few years ago I spent some days in Barcelona. OVERWHELMING! Barcelona is such a big and pretty city. Poorly I wasn't able to take photos … because I had no camera, at this moment.
Another great thing to visit are the Spanish hills … not the Pyrenees, just the local ones. They might first look pretty boring but if you're on top of one of these you'll realize how beautiful they are. There is such a small vegetation on these hills, which looks so interesting.
The last thing I visited … and I'm sure there is more I'm going to visit in the future … are the cliffs. Yes, Spain has some cliffs. Maybe they're not like 30 meters high but they look majestic anyway. It's just great to watch the waves breaking on those cliffs.

Last year it was the first time, I brought my camera with me and I have to say: SPAIN IS SUPER PHOTOGENIC! Because of it's beaches, cities, hills and cliffs it has something for every photographer.


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