In February I was in Austria. It was amazing but COLD! The snow was everywhere and the streets were pretty icy. I came there to ski a bit with my school class. Of course I brought a camera with me, because I've seen some WINTER-PICTURES in the past and I totally liked them. It's difficult to take photos while there is everything is completely covered in snow, because of the brightness. But I knew how to work with that brightness really fast. So I did some cool pictures I think.
To Austria itself I can't really tell you as much as I could tell you about Spain, because I've only been there for 3 or 4 times. And when I was there … the only thing I did was to ski .. ski and ski.
But here are some impressions of my last stay in Austria:

I think it's a very cool country for photographers, with much time (because the weather is playing with you in Austria) and with a good knowledge about aperture and shutter speed. And of course with clothes, which keep you warm.


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